Inspection and Testing

When defective parts are found, timing and accuracy are key. IQS understands what it takes to work through a potentially disruptive situation and get your parts back on track. We are dedicated to following responsible business practices based on our quality management system to ensure that manufactured products and individual components are adequate for their intended purpose.

Our services include:

  • Test and inspection of components
  • Containment campaigns
  • Incoming inspection
  • In-process Inspection
  • Final Inspection
  • External Inspection


Almost all manufacturers encounter scenarios in which their production lines generate flawed components. A batch of nonconforming products doesn’t have to affect your or your customer production line. Avoid costly downtime and shipment delays with high-value part repair and rework services. IQS prides itself on the experience of our people. We know how to work with our customer’s parts. Repairing your parts from your suppliers inside your facility or your parts is the kind of service we do every day.

Consulting, Auditing and training.

We evaluate the quality assurance processes of your organization and offer advice for its revision and redesign. We look for a system oriented to results that contribute to reduce non-quality costs and prioritize customer satisfaction. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of tools for quality assurance.

Quality Liason

When timing is critical, IQS is on-site at your customer facility to keep track of your products. Quality monitoring is about more than checking parts. We create relationships with the receiving plants for your products to really understand how they are seen from the customer perspective. We build rapport with customer quality team, engineers and plant management. We advocate on the supplier's behalf to keep quality issues from becoming larger problems. By working with IQS, suppliers can avoid costly fines or holds on their incoming parts supply.

Supply Chain Solutions

The success of your business comes down to how efficient your supply chain management is. Your customers’ needs are constantly changing, which means you need a supply chain that’s optimally designed to keep up and gives you end-to-end visibility at a lower operating cost. We can be your partner to achieve flexibility and immediate capabilities increase.

Some services we can provide:

  • Sub-assembly and kits
  • Inventory Management
  • Subcontracting of temporal personnel
  • Temporary Production Lines
  • Warehousing and transportation.